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HW Fisher is one of the UK’s leading partner-led accountancy practices, helping companies and organisations that are large, medium or small with big picture planning and attending to all the important little details. We also keep depending on ours for their accountancy and financial planning.

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Our Partners

Adam Bonell

020 7874 7832
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Andrew Rich HW Fisher

Andrew Rich
Managing Partner

020 7380 4988
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Andrew Subramaniam HW Fisher

Andrew Subramaniam

020 7380 4947
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Carol Rudge

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Caroline Hazard HW Fisher

Carolyn Hazard

020 7380 4901
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Darshna Choudhury HW Fisher

Darshna Choudhury

020 7874 1166
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David Selwyn HW Fisher

David Selwyn

020 7380 4983
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Gary Miller HW Fisher

Gary Miller

020 7380 4938
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Gerry Myton

020 7874 7982
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Giles Siow HW Fisher

Gilles Siow

020 7874 1159
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Jamie Morrison HW Fisher

Jamie Morrison

020 7874 7983
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Jeremy Trent HW Fisher

Jeremy Trent

020 7380 4974
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Joel Courts HW Fisher

Joel Courts

020 7874 7812
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Lilly Montgomery HW Fisher

Lily Montgomery

020 7874 1189
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Mandy Janes HW Fisher

Mandy Janes

020 7874 1162
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Muneeza Baig HW Fisher

Muneeza Baig

020 7380 4902
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Navin Thaker HW Fisher

Navin Thaker

020 7874 7958
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Rafi Saville HW Fisher

Rafi Saville

020 7874 7967
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Richard Morley

020 7874 7972
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Ross Fabian HW Fisher

Ross Fabian

020 7874 7986
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Russell Nathan HW Fisher

Russell Nathan
Senior Partner

020 7380 4971
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Simon Michaels HW Fisher

Simon Michaels

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Simon Mott-Cowan HW Fisher

Simon Mott-Cowan

020 7874 7962
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Stevie Heafford

07748 537469
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Stuart Burns HW Fisher

Stuart Burns

020 7380 4964
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Tim Walford-Fitzgerald HW Fisher

Tim Walford-Fitzgerald

020 7380 4927
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Toby Ryland HW Fisher

Toby Ryland

020 7874 7959
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Other Senior Leaders

Ajay Jassal - HW Fisher

Ajay Jassal
Senior Manager - Tax

020 7874 7867
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Amy Crosby
Principal - Tax

(0)20 7380 4984
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Andy Levett HW Fisher

Andy Levett

020 7874 7872
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Barry Kernon HW Fisher

Barry Kernon

020 7874 7875
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Chris Hattam
HW Fisher Forensic

020 7380 4956
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Chris Pistillides HW Fisher

Chris Pitsillides
Senior Manager

020 7554 3009
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Christine Kemp HW Fisher

Christine Kemp
Senior Manager - Private Client

020 7380 4990
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David Noble HW Fisher

David Noble
Senior Manager - Technical

020 7874 7820
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Eric Chiu HW Fisher

Eric Chiu
Director - FisherITS

020 7554 3014
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Hugh Morgan HW Fisher

Hugh Morgan
Director - Tax

020 7380 4926
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Jack Drinkwater HW Fisher

Jack Drinkwater
Chartered Financial Planner

020 3967 8630
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Jie Su
Private Client Tax Manager

+44 (0) 20 7380 4925
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Jonathan Lachmann HW Fisher

Jonathan Lachmann
Principal - Charities

020 7380 4993
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Josephine Man HW Fisher

Josephine Man

020 7874 7915
Contact Josephine Man
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Kamal Shah HW Fisher

Kamal Shah

020 7874 7866
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Lee Gielcher HW Fisher

Lee Gleicher
Senior Manager - Audit

020 7380 4985
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Louise Hughes
Senior Marketing Manager

(0)20 7874 7966
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Mark Reveley

020 7874 7981
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Mark Taylor HW Fisher

Mark Taylor

020 7874 7827
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Mark Wakefield HW Fisher

Mark Wakefield
Senior Manager - Audit

020 7874 1165
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Martin Smith HW Fisher

Martin Smith
Head of Sports & Director - Tax

020 7874 7825
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Martin Taylor HW Fisher

Martin Taylor

020 7380 4976
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Michael Comeau HW Fisher

Michael Comeau
Principal - Technical

020 7380 4917
Contact Michael Comeau
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Mike Block HW Fisher

Mike Block
Director - VAT

020 7380 4987
Contact Mike Block
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Milan Vranic HW Fisher

Milan Vranic
Director - Contract Compliance

020 7388 7000
Contact Milan Vranic
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Mitul Rajani HW Fisher

Mitul Rajani
Principal - Business Solutions

01923 698 369
Contact Mitul Rajani
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Neal Gilmore HW Fisher

Neal Gilmore
Principal - Charities

020 7874 7975
Contact Neal Gilmore
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Raj Gadawala HW Fisher

Raj Gadawala
Principal - General Practice

020 7874 7858
Contact Raj Gadawala
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Richard Brand HW Fisher

Richard Brand
Chartered Financial Planner

020 3967 8633
Contact Richard Brand
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Richard Watson HW Fisher

Richard Watson
Senior Manager

01923 698 363
Contact Richard Watson
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Robert Fowler
Head of Music Audits - Forensic

020 7874 7967
Contact Robert Fowler
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Russell Brooks HW Fisher

Russell Brooks
Chartered Financial Planner

020 3967 8631
Contact Russell Brooks
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Russell Cooper HW Fisher

Russell Cooper
Director - Audit

020 7380 4929
Contact Russell Cooper
Connect with Russell Cooper
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Su Smith HW Fisher

Su Smith
Senior Manager – Company Secretarial Department

020 7874 7998
Contact Su Smith
Connect with Su Smith
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Tanya Craft
Director - Audit

020 7874 7821
Contact Tanya Craft
Connect with Tanya Craft
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Vivien Phung HW Fisher

Vivien Phung

020 7874 7859
Contact Vivien Phung
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Anyone not listed as a Partner is not a “Principal” of the Firm, as defined by the ICAEW.

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