Just imagine, never having to worry again about whether the essential paperwork’s in order.

Company Secretarial Services

Using our company secretarial services takes away the burden of aspects of your business that would normally fall to a company secretary. Our flexible offering can save you the cost of a full-time resource and keep your business streamlined.

We undertake all routine company secretarial work, including preparation of minutes, resolutions, updating of statutory registers and filing of forms at Companies House. We also incorporate companies and can arrange for them to be dissolved.

What sets us apart is that we also deal with more complex matters such as capital reconstructions, drafting of specialist articles of association, corporate governance and the reinstatement of companies that have been struck off.

We also provide an advisory and compliance service to ensure you’re compliant with all current legislation.


Reviewing Articles of Association

There can be many reasons for wanting to change your Articles of Association. You might be planning to bring in employee shareholders and want to ensure they can’t outvote you, or you may want to introduce enhanced voting powers for particular individuals. Perhaps you need to restrict whose shares can be sold or transferred, or limit how dividends are paid out. We can advise you on all these issues and find the best solution to meet your objectives.

Striking off and company restorations

If your company is being struck off, we can make the process as simple as possible. Sometimes companies are struck off accidentally. If this is the case, we can help you reinstate it quickly.


Our specialist tax partners will identify the most tax-efficient way for you to organise distributions, advising on dividends, purchase of own shares, and capital reduction.

Capital and share reorganisations

You may be considering incentivising your employees with a share options scheme. We’ll manage the process for you and distribute the share capital where necessary to achieve this.

Company reorganisations

Mergers and de-mergers are often complex and we can give clear advice on your viable options. We focus on a tax-efficient approach, working with our in-house tax experts to get the best results for your business.

Company formation advice

We can help with everything from a simple SPV to more complex structures that involve elements such as alphabet shares or different rights attaching to shares. We can also advise on the type of structure that would be most effective for your business, and any tax efficient options available to you such as EIS/EMI shares.

Business services

We offer a range of essential services to make sure your business runs smoothly.

  • Drafting and filing statutory paperwork.
  • Dealing with appointments and resignations to the Board.
  • Assisting with changing your registered office or providing a registered office facility.
  • Changing your accounting reference date.
  • Managing share transfers and share allotments, liaising with HMRC where necessary.

Annual Compliance

This is a key area for your business but can be time-consuming to manage in-house. We can ease the pressure by taking care of it for you. This includes preparing and filing confirmation statements, maintaining statutory registers electronically, filing accounts at Companies House and preparing the minutes that note the Board’s approval for the accounts.

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