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Our Sector specialisms

At HW Fisher, we’ve built excellent relationships with successful individuals and businesses right across the commercial and creative spectrum. But, over the years, we have acquired exceptional expertise and insight in a number of specific sectors. If you’re involved in any of the fields below, we can offer you a complete range of accountancy and business advisory services, based on an in-depth understanding of the particular tax and financial issues you are likely to face.

Authors & Journalists - Specialist Financial Advice - HW Fisher

Authors, Journalists and Influencers

We’re proud to work with and support a wide variety of talented originators from the creative industries, including authors, journalists, social media influencers, playwrights, actors, vloggers, film directors, comedians, poets, record companies, concert organisers, composers, agents, publishers, advertising agents and PR consultants.

Whatever stage you are at in your career, we can offer specialist advice to help reduce your tax burden and meet your financial goals.

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Entertainment Services

We understand your industry and the world in which you operate. No two clients in the entertainment sector have the same requirements, so we offer a carefully tailored service to suit your individual needs.

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Entertainment Industry - Financial Planning & Tax Services - HW Fisher
HW Fisher chartered accountants accounting services for Financial Services

Financial management for professional services

Working in the services sector means that you have to be ‘always-on’ for your customers and teams. Your financial management and planning from back office to forecasting are pivotal in enabling you to deliver to your best potential. Our team can assist you on a range of business matters, from audit, tax and management reporting, through to cash flow planning.

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Not for Profit Sector

We have a thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities you face in the not-for-profit sector and are here to provide practical solutions.

Our team works with over 300 not-for-profit organisations, covering charities and trade unions, pension schemes and trade associations of all types and sizes, ranging from small and domestic to very complex with branches and overseas operations.

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Property Finacial Services - VAT, STLT, Tax Advice - HW Fisher


Our property accountants provide specialist, focused advice to companies and individuals.

If you’re undertaking a property transaction, we are a one-stop shop for specialist property tax advice on everything from VAT, SDLT and tax, to leasing and accounting. UK property tax is a complex area and we can help to minimise your tax liability.

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Restaurateur and Chefs

Hospitality is the third largest sector in the UK, employing 2.9m people and generating £130bn in economic activity.

With 70% of restaurants closing down within five years of opening, robust financing is key.

Our team can advise you on an all-encompassing financial plan, from initial investment to management and annual account to ensure you’re in the most robust financial position. Whether you’re a start-up, Freelance Chef, or an established company, our restaurant sector experts can help your businesses develop and grow every step of the way.

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HW Fisher chartered accountants accounting services for Restaurants
HW Fisher chartered accountants accounting services for Sports, sports men and women

Sports Sector

Our clients in the sports sector lead high-pressured lives and need the reassurance of knowing their financial affairs are in safe hands. No two clients in this sector have the same requirements, so we offer a carefully tailored service to suit your individual needs.

With retirement generally coming earlier for our sports clients, future-proofing your finances is key. It’s best to work with us to establish the correct structures at the earliest opportunity for maximum financial benefit.

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It’s our priority to listen to our clients and to understand their vision, and provide practical, commercial and strategic advice throughout their journey.

Our tech team works with:

entrepreneurs and founders who are developing their ideas; tech start-ups and scale-ups across all sub-sectors companies that have raised money, developed their product and are in a high-growth phase sophisticated; mature tech companies that are innovating and expanding worldwide.

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HW Fisher chartered accountants accounting services for Technology sector

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