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We bring to the table a wealth of experience and external perspectives that help our clients define a clear business strategy.

Some clients require detailed analysis of markets, customer behavior or competitor models in order to formulate a strategy.

However, in many instances, the answers sit with our clients – our job is to help structure their thinking and challenge received wisdom with different perspectives and experiences.

Our approach is tailored to the specifics of the business and the personalities within it, but often follows a similar process:

  • Understand the business through its management and statutory financial reports and by interviewing key stakeholders – shareholders, executive team, senior management, other relevant employees and partners.
  • Gain consensus on ‘where we are today’ as well as ‘where do we want to be’ – the future goals for the business in terms of desired financial performance, company culture and exit events or succession plans.
  • Explore ways to unlock growth from improving performance in its existing activities as well as from new product innovation and new market development.
  • Define a clear growth strategy that all stakeholders can get behind.
  • Implement the strategy effectively without putting the business at risk.
  • Embed the strategy for the long term using proven communication tools and process improvements

Four Elements Consulting LLP is a related entity of HW Fisher & Company, Chartered Accountants

Key Contact

Key Contact

Paul Freedman

Founding Partner, Four Elements Consulting LLP

T 020 7874 1161

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