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It is often the case that over the course of our relationship, we are one of a small number of people who have a real appreciation and in-depth understanding of the financial and tax affairs of our clients. This makes us well-placed and well-suited to offer a seamless service to support executors. We are licenced to provide probate services by the ICAEW.

Why Use Us?

  • We charge on time basis or fixed fee with no percentage charge.
  • Our fully qualified professionals are regulated by the ICAEW.
  • We are experts in tax planning, and can advise on how to minimise estate liability.
  • An alternative to a bank or a solicitor.
  • Use specialist will writers to ensure we include all your wishes.

HW Fisher & Company is licensed to provide probate services which are a reserved legal activity. The Legal Services Act 2007 includes a regulatory objective to promote diversity. HW Fisher & Company has conducted a diversity survey, the purpose being to gather evidence to encourage a strong, independent, diverse and effective profession.

About Wills and Probate

The administration of even a quite modest estate can be a daunting prospect for an executor, especially at a time when they are dealing with the burden of loss. We are already widely-known for our accountancy expertise by the many hundreds of small, medium and large corporates and high-net worth individuals based in London and beyond who regularly engage our services.

Obtaining probate can be a complex process requiring considerable administration, mountains of paperwork and copious form filling, all skills we are accomplished in. It also requires the high-quality and efficient accounting procedures which are at the heart of our business.

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