Are your software licenses costing more than they should. (Spoiler alert: almost certainly.)

Software Asset Management

Many software publishers have extremely complex licensing models that are constantly changing, as well as license consumption measurements that are often difficult to track. Managing software assets from these vendors correctly requires specialised and up-to-date knowledge. This is where we can help.

All software license agreements carry financial risks and cost-saving opportunities. For example, you may have deployed more software than you purchased, making your business non-compliant and at risk of vendor audit penalties, substantial unbudgeted spend and, in extreme cases, criminal proceedings. Or you may have deployed less software than you bought, causing wastage and unnecessary renewal spend.

It’s very rare that organisations are in complete balance and own the exact number of licenses needed. An effective Software Asset Management (SAM) practice eliminates unintended software deployment (cost avoidance) and optimises existing software licenses (cost saving), aligning software liability and cost to the business value.

We save organisations money on their software licences. Companies spend a big part of their IT budgets on software, and every business is overspending and underspending on their software at the same time. Companies overspend on spare licences they don’t use, and underspend on the licences they do use but without enough licences, or on licences used in ways that violate the software vendor’s licensing terms.

Software publishers today regularly audit their customers to ensure enough licence fee is paid. There is no refund if you’ve bought too many licences, but you’ll have to pay a penalty if you have too few, or are found to have violated the licence terms. In our experience, up to 25% of a software publisher’s income can be generated by these compliance audits.

We are the ‘good’ auditor, acting on behalf of our client. We can assess your compliance risks and help you correct the issues before the publishers’ auditors turn up. We’ll also highlight cost-saving potential for your future software purchases.

We work with clients from SMB to blue-chip businesses globally, and our expertise covers all top 10 software publishers (by revenue), such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and SAP, and many others.

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