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Publishing and literary rights

Out of all of the intellectual property platforms, it is the book publishing industry that, historically, resisted for the longest time the now widely accepted practice to audit the royalty reporting delivered by publishers to their authors.

No longer is it the case that literary agents and authors simply accept at face value, the publishers version of royalties that are due. With the plethora of publishing conduits, including e-books and audio books, as well as the widespread use of sub-publishers and distributors in order to provide essential reach into overseas territories, there is an absolute need to audit, as this opportunity to “true up” the accounting will inevitably lead to the detection and quantification of under-reported royalties.

Many publishers nowadays represent a number of authors, whose works will be published across a range of ISBNs. Phased into this the particular accounting requirements of individual author agreements, the vagaries of foreign exchange rate fluctuation, the sheer volume of throughput – and mistakes become inevitable.

We act for a range of authors, some global in stature and some not;  some writing fiction, some highly technical manuals. One thing is certain large or small, they each receive our acknowledged expertise in this area and benefit from the results of audit a process that has become a routine matter for publishers these days. 

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