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Character merchandising

What finer way can there be to sell products than embellishing them with the logo of a famous brand? Such is the power of character merchandising, that it has spawned a billion dollar industry and has translated across international borders, customs and cultures.

The sheer diversity of consumer products, such as toys, electronic and interactive games, content downloads etc means that, more than ever, rights owners and licensors need to be alert to the key elements that will allow them to exercise control over their particular intellectual property in the world market place.

A principal pillar of this control is the Licence Agreement. Its key terms must be clear and unequivocal, so as to eliminate misunderstandings; but more than that, it needs to accommodate the nuances and differing trading environments which attach to the diverse segments of character merchandising; on this we can and do advise.

We act for many global brands on a truly global basis and so understand how exploitation of  character merchandising works and, therefore, how to audit Licensees and what to look for. With multi-lingual, multi-cultural staff, we level the playing field and remove some of the natural barriers that would otherwise impede the audit process; and our findings speak for themselves. Perhaps, because of the huge range of products involved, under-reporting of royalties is widespread, usually as s result of error or mistake.

Hence, we find that an effective audit programme becomes a profit centre in its own right.

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