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Performance improvement

Expert business performance improvement, growth and strategic advice for SMEs

We understand that as a SME owner manager your resources are often scarce and your time is at a premium. We can help you make long term improvements to your business without risk and without drain on current resources. We only get paid when improvements are realised and our fees amount to just a fraction of the overall long term financial gain to your business.

Is your business…

  • ready for growth and to move to the next level?
  • steady but could be improved?
  • stagnating and requiring reinvigoration?
  • struggling with cash-flow?

Our objective: To invest our time and resources to reinvigorate your business and facilitate growth.

What makes us different: We bring the experience and contacts of a top 25 accountancy practice, providing consultancy services that large companies have had for years. We act as an additional member of your team that is focused solely on taking your business to the next level.

For a no obligation and confidential meeting to discuss your business and where we can add long-term value please contact:

High Level Strategic Solutions
Our high level strategic solutions are variable and are governed by the nature of your business and the aims of management. First, we assist management in defining their objectives and assessing where they are now in their pursuit of their goals. Next, we review your business culture, market presence, competition and direction. We then assess what changes may be required and, just as importantly, the barriers to change. Finally, we devise a plan with management to implement the strategy formulated.

Profitability Performance Analysis and Improvement
We assist you in assessing the profitability of each service or product line and identify where and how improvements can be made. We analyse revenue streams by location, mix and demographic and gain an understanding of the income and cost drivers.

Where appropriate, we assist you in devising infrastructure investment programmes and in overhead rationalisation, ensuring that each line of cost is providing value for money and driving revenues.

Operational Process Analysis and Improvement
We analyse the efficiency of internal processes and ensure that they include appropriate controls. Such processes differ from client to client but certain types are common including the production of intelligible management information, debtor control, creditor control, stock control and cash management.

Working Capital Analysis and Improvement
We review the working capital cycle of your business and identify where time savings can be made to reduce cash tied up that could be better used to generate returns elsewhere. The working capital analysis often goes hand in hand with a limited operational process analysis and can involve the introduction of new stock systems, improvements in credit control and tools to control work-in-progress and lockup. Our review also often involves a review of suppliers and negotiations with suppliers.

We can assess whether or not there is benefit in relieving the cash flow cycle via asset based lending. We achieve this through our network of contacts with all of the major asset based lending financiers together with their mid-tier and alternative peers. Whilst asset based lending isn’t right for every business, the costs are sometimes dramatically outweighed by the benefits.

Specialist Solutions
As a part of this service line we also offer specialist solutions to difficult problems you may be facing and we assist with access to high street, mid-tier and alternative lending markets together with private equity. We can introduce you to our vast range of contacts in sometimes niche areas and often assist in devising a business plan and pitching for the facilities or investment required.

Key Contact

Key Contact

John Buchanan

Performance Senior Manager

T 020 7874 7954

E John Buchanan