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Growth often requires external funding – for working capital, capital expenditure, operational expansion, product development or even to fund an acquisition. In other cases, the funding might be required to exit a shareholder through the purchase of their shares.

If your business is contemplating additional funds for whatever reason, Four Elements are likely to be able to help.

We can offer a full service:

  • Give an independent review on your business and advise on the most appropriate type of funding. We will help your business to access the right mix of funding without giving away excessive amounts of equity to external investors.
  • Develop, critique or prepare from scratch the business plan and financial model to support your fund raising plans
  • Introduce your plan to our network of professional investors and institutions.
  • Help negotiate the investment terms to minimize dilution or loss of control.
  • Advise on all tax, regulatory and accounting issues through our regulated partner, HW Fisher & Company.

Four Elements Consulting LLP is a related entity of HW Fisher & Company, Chartered Accountants

Key Contact

Key Contact

Paul Freedman

Founding Partner, Four Elements Consulting LLP

T 020 7874 1161

E Paul Freedman