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Exit events

Preparation for a future exit event is crucial to ensuring its success and the ultimate sale price achieved. Ideally, our work starts up to 18 months before the sale process begins with the following work:

  • Identify the practical steps required to increase the attractiveness of the business to an acquirer and therefore its value.
  • Help identify any divergent views amongst shareholders and work to gain a consensus on the desired outcome of the sale process.
  • Work closely with the members of the management team who will continue with the business under new ownership, and support the planning to fill the skills gaps that will emerge when planned departures happen.

There are many opportunities for owners and managers to take their eyes off the ball once an exit event enters the planning stage. An external partner like Four Elements can help manage the process so that key people in the business are not distracted from their core jobs, but are working together in a concerted effort to ensure a successful outcome to what is often a life changing event for the business owners.

Four Elements Consulting LLP is a related entity of HW Fisher & Company, Chartered Accountants

Key Contact

Key Contact

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Founding Partner, Four Elements Consulting LLP

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