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Licence Compliance for Software Publishers


Enterprise applications are often sold on a trust basis and licensed by customers’ self-reported usage level. The growing complexities in software licensing today and the common lack of usage control have created significant risk in revenue leakage for software publishers.

Benefits of a Licence Compliance Programme

  • Revenue generation
    We can identify customers’ over-usage of your software; generate compliance revenue from new licence purchases as well as back-maintenance payments.
  • Driving new product sales
    Where compliance issues were caused by contractual “mis-usage”, rather than “over-usage”, you can use part of the eligible compliance settlement funds to drive through new product sales and create future revenue streams.
  • Gain insight
    We can help you to gain valuable insight into customers’ IT strategy, understand how your software is being used and stay competitive by increasing customer satisfaction.

“Where some software publishers are satisfied with the average 4 to 1 return on investment from compliance programmes supported by our much larger competitors, FIAC is confident that it can substantially exceed this ratio using our innovative and highly efficient approach to licence compliance”

 What we do


We are a team of fully qualified forensic auditors with over 20 years of experience in licence compliance auditing. We act as an independent professional third-party to conduct licence compliance reviews on behalf of software publishers. During the review, the licence ownership and consumption level will be validated using various audit techniques from questionnaires and interviews, to tool-based IT forensic investigations. Our report will summarise the results of the review and then form the basis of the compliance settlement negotiation – a process which we routinely deal with.

We understand that licence compliance is not a “one-size-fits-all” exercise for every software publisher and recognise the importance of choosing an appropriate licence compliance methodology that is tailored to your organisation.

From light touch self-declaration surveys to anti-piracy driven forensic audits (with expert witness support where required, on rare occasions), we offer the widest range of compliance options available in the market today. However, our focus is always to understand your compliance objectives and to select the best approach to help you achieve them.

Key Contact

Key Contact

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