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Sell & buy

We advise in all aspects of mergers and acquisitions, from identification of suitable targets through to final negotiations and completion.

Selling a business
We will spend time with clients and their management team to gain a thorough understanding of the business, its strengths and weaknesses, so we can not only help market those positives, but help manage and address the negatives. We will work with businesses to secure an exit, to help maximise the selling price and ensure a smooth transaction. Our experience and knowledge of both the buying and selling process will allow us to identify and address any issues pre-marketing, to ensure the business is ready for sale.

Preparation and planning are key, as significant value can be lost if the transaction process is badly managed or if a seller is not properly prepared for what can be a difficult and time consuming process ahead. Our focus is on providing support and advice whilst seeking to optimise value for the shareholders. By identifying and understanding the objectives and requirements at the outset, we are able to manage all aspects of the transaction to completion to ensure these are delivered.

We are one of five UK member firms of the Leading Edge Alliance which allows extensive access to overseas buyers.

Our complete service covers the following:

  • Create an exit strategy to identify the right time and route for exit
  • Value the business
  • Assist in preparing the business for sale
  • Advise on the preparation of a sale information memorandum to communicate the opportunity to potential buyers
  • Formulate a marketing strategy for selling the business
  • Identify potential purchasers
  • Screen and handle buyer interest
  • Prepare data-room ready for the purchaser’s due diligence team
  • Identify due diligence issues in advance
  • Undertake vendor due diligence
  • Lead negotiations on the price and other terms and conditions of the sale
  • Project manage the transaction to completion

Fisher Corporate Limited provides an all-encompassing transaction management service to help clients looking to grow their business by acquisition, providing comprehensive advice with the more complex areas that might be encountered.

Using our extensive knowledge and experience, we help businesses identify potential acquisition targets to achieve strategic goals, whether they are to increase shareholder value or protect the stability of the business.

Acquiring a business can be a long process, often requiring significant additional resource and expertise and it is paramount that during this time, businesses are not sidetracked from the day to day running. Taking your eye off the ball can have a significant impact not only on the existing business but on the success of the combined businesses moving forward.

Fisher Corporate Limited will work with clients on every aspect of the transaction. Our team will evaluate the opportunities, to lead businesses through the negotiations on price, assist with raising appropriate sources of finance where necessary and advise on the financial aspects of the sale and purchase agreement. Our approach is both practical and commercial.

We can help businesses:

  • Identify potential targets for acquisition
  • Provide an independent valuation advice taking into account financial and commercial benefits
  • Offer advice on the acquisition process by developing your buying strategy
  • Advise on commercial and tax matters
  • Provide advice on the terms of the sale & purchase agreement, highlighting issues that may lead to negotiation of a better price or identifying matters for which warranties and indemnities should be sought;
  • Provide an understanding of the ongoing working capital requirements of the combined entities
  • Managing the deal process through to completion

Additionally we work closely with the Transaction Services department of HW Fisher to ensure that all of our clients’ due diligence and taxation requirements are met.

Fisher Corporate Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under reference 193921.

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