30th October 2020

Life after Furlough: what we want to see from Government

As the Furlough period comes to an end, businesses in the hospitality sector will be taking a long hard look at their future. Despite a…

29th October 2020

How to manage intellectual property ahead of Brexit

So far, the protection of EU intellectual property rights has continued to apply as normal in the UK, but this will not be the case…

29th October 2020

How your business can benefit from Kickstart

How can you and your employees benefit from the Kickstart scheme The Kickstart scheme was launched by the Government to ‘help young people into work…

23rd September 2020

Covid-19 recovery: make the most of additional funding available

Among some of the various Covid-19 recovery schemes introduced by government to support businesses, is a new, little known, fund of £20 million from which…

31st July 2020

Business Interruption Insurance – why businesses should follow the High Court case closely

The covid-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented financial challenges for businesses across the UK. For those in the hospitality and leisure industry, many have had…

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