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Trade Unions

Our trade union group is one of the country’s leading professional advisers to the trade union movement. Having been involved with the movement for over 20 years, we have developed a thorough understanding of unions’ traditions and ethos.

Our trade union group works closely with our clients to advise them on a range of issues. We play a significant role in helping our clients develop the disciplined approach to successful financial management and governance that has been such a feature of the trade union movement in recent years. We assist clients in their pre and post integration as we see more and more mergers in the trade union movement.

We are in close contact with the Certification Officer, whom we meet to discuss matters of relevance to our clients and the trade union movement as a whole.

The statutory audit is a key event in the annual calendar. We work with clients to deliver a smooth audit and assure clients their reporting obligations such as the preparation of Form AR21 are being met. We are often asked to attend Executives’ meetings to present the annual report.

As well as statutory and internal audits, our trade union group provides services such as advice relating to trade union pension scheme matters, such as funding, restructuring and governance, IT support and advice on trade union corporation tax, VAT and financial strategies:

Almost  all trade unions that pay corporation tax are paying more than they should. Although the bulk of their income — subscriptions — is free of all tax, revenue from other sources such as bank interest, investments or the sale of property is not. Most trade unions are aware of this fact and know that the cost of provident benefits can be set against their corporation tax liability. But they can often do so much more.

We have successfully persuaded HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) that it is not only the benefits that should be taken into account, but other expenses associated with them. As a result we have recovered, for trade unions, several million pounds in overpaid tax and we think that a lot more could be recovered by those that haven’t yet taken advice.

HW Fisher provides a realistic and fair approach to pricing. To show our support to the Not-For-Profit sector we discount our fees by 25%.