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Our media group provides financial planning and tax services to individuals and businesses in every area of the creative industry. Our clients include:

  • Actors
  • Advertising agencies
  • Artists
  • Authors
  • Broadcasters
  • Celebrities
  • Composers and agents
  • Concert organisers
  • Film and television production companies
  • Journalists
  • Musicians
  • Music publishers
  • Poets
  • Publishers
  • Public relations consultancies
  • Writers

Our artist and media wealth management services include:

  • Corporate and personal tax planning
  • Advice on company structuring
  • Budgeting
  • Auditing royalties and licensing
  • Cash flow
  • VAT
  • Audits

One of the main challenges for people in the creative industry is that their income is irregular; certain projects take longer than others to come to fruition. This pattern presents important challenges and opportunities for tax planning. We have extensive experience of the relevant tax legislation and can initiate timely and effective procedures to minimise your tax liabilities.

Within the media and entertainment world, the receipt of royalties can be fraught with difficulties, particularly involving income from abroad. A comprehensive understanding of the traditions and standard practices as well as highly developed investigative skills are required, and our media group has exactly that.

VAT, meanwhile, is one of the biggest sources of concern for performing artists. They must register for VAT in all EU countries in which they perform and ensure that they have a firm grip on every aspect of their VAT affairs. Members of our media group regularly draw upon our VAT department to provide expert help in this tricky area.

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Key Contact

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