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Energy and agriculture

With the agricultural and energy world facing complex challenges, creating and maintaining profitability is a key issue for these sectors.


Despite the price cycles, energy companies know that they have to focus on the medium to long-term when it comes to achieving growth and making sound decisions.

Investments by energy companies in R&D, people and technology are crucial to maintaining a long-term competitive edge. While making these important investments, companies also have to focus on controlling costs, improving controls and managing risks.

By asking the right questions and assessing their current situation, HW Fisher & Company can help energy companies construct a plan for the future that will meet their particular goals.

Energy companies’ plans for a profitable future may include:

  • Restructuring an existing business
  • Reorganising finances
  • Identifying new uses for old assets
  • Working with environmental issues

Through our practical experience in the financial and strategic aspects of agriculture and energy, we can provide agricultural and energy companies with personal guidance and support, helping them achieve their goals.


HW Fisher & Company has the strategic, tax and general financial expertise to support farmers, landowners, agri-businesses and all those allied industries that face continued pressure resulting from the reforms to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

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