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Paul Freedman

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Over the last 25 years I’ve started, owned, exited and run a diverse range of small to medium-sized companies. I have had exposure to the important functions inside any business. Some of them I did well, others not so well! In 2004, I floated the business I had co-founded just three years earlier onto the London Stock Exchange.

I now spend my time focusing on what I really love.

First, putting all that experience into action with founders and owners who want to get more from their business and have realised they need outside help from someone who understands what makes a business tick and can draw out the best ideas and solutions from them.

Second, I devise and facilitate off-site planning and strategy days for SMEs who are enlightened enough to have realised how invaluable they are, and wise enough to know that there’s a real skill to making them work.

I work face-to-face with open-minded owners and leaders who want to grow the business. I love having honest and courageous conversations that ‘come from the right place’. I believe that change starts with conversations, not 50 page reports.

My favourite question is “So What?” and my second favourite question is “So What?”. I’m calm and considered and I use everything at my disposal to help my clients ‘make sense of it all’.

Having great ideas is pointless if you don’t know how to execute them, so I put a lot of emphasis on embedding the routines and habits that can turn a client from good to great. It sounds boring but it works and we still have fun along the way.

My values are clear and they guide my decisions on who to work with: work hard, be nice to people, do what you said you’d do, laugh.

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