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Eric Chiu

Director - FisherITS

I am the managing director of HW Fisher ‘s IT Asset Consulting practice (FisherITS).

With the support of a team of highly experienced IP forensic consultants I help clients avoid software compliance penalties from their suppliers by ensuring their software licensing is up to date, or negotiating with software suppliers in cases where it is not.

Most of my work involves advising enterprises over strategic and tactical matters in establishing and operating Software Asset Management (SAM). My clients range from small to medium-sized enterprises (SME) to substantial enterprise clients.

In many cases clients will come to me and tell me they have received an audit notification from their software supplier. My role is to help the client clean up their software license issues to ensure they are compliant with their software provider.

In other cases a client may come to us to say they have received a large bill from their software supplier because their software supplier believes they have misused their licence in some way or that their software license need to be renewed. In these instances I will often negotiate with the software supplier on behalf of the client to reduce the bill and renew the licenses.

Most of the time clients find themselves in trouble because they haven’t lost track of the various software licenses they have and when they need to be renewed. A lot of my work involves carrying out an audit of the various software licenses the company has and creating an accurate record for the company in order that they are compliant with their software supplier’s license requirements in future.

Before joining HW Fisher in 2013 I worked for Deloitte for seven years managing their software license audit compliance department. I designed and managed software licence compliance programmes for many of the top-10 software publishers and led hundreds of enterprise-level licence audits on their behalf.



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