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Sailesh Mehta


Sailesh Mehta has been with HW Fisher & Company since 1984 and a partner in both our not-for-profit and pensions group since 1988. Sailesh is a member of the Royal Society of Arts having worked closely within the education sector throughout his career and acted as a school governor for 15 years. He continues to act as treasurer of a church, community hall and nursery in Notting Hill.

Sailesh is closely involved with many of the firm’s not-for-profit clients, not only as an auditor but as an adviser, specialising in developing long term financial strategies. He seeks to give his clients full clarity of accounts, believing if a client fully understands their accounts and audit then this will prompt positive strategic decisions.

Sailesh graduated from The London School of Economics with a BA in economics and accounting, a degree involving accounting, finance and law. He then went on to become ACA qualified and a member of both the IT Faculty and the Finance & Management Faculty of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Sailesh loves films and will go to the cinema when he has time. He enjoys travelling and eating out. Many of his clients will know him for the toy collection he has in his office.

What was once a cupboard full of books that began going out of date was emptied and filled with toys by his children who thought it would look much better. Over time clients and friends have added to the collection, of which he is now very proud.


Sailesh Mehta

Sailesh Mehta


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