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Rafi Saville

Rafi Saville is a partner, specialising in forensic accounting and royalty auditing and licensing. He focuses on intellectual property work, particularly licensing audits where he works with clients to maximise revenue from licensing agreements. His clients are active in many different exciting business sectors, ranging from character merchandising and brand extension in the media industry to pharmaceutical and technology licensing.

Rafi is heavily involved in quantifying consequential losses arising from the mis-selling of swaps and other hedging products sold by banks. This involves careful judgement whether or not a claim should be pursued, based on criteria such as if it is consequential, sensible and properly supportable.

In addition, Rafi works on traditional criminal and civil forensic cases, including breach of contract disputes, money laundering investigations, share valuations, fraud investigations and professional negligence cases and has frequently appeared in court acting as an expert witness.

Despite being based in London, Rafi still actively supports Leeds United football club, the Yorkshire County Cricket Club and the Leeds Rhinos.

Rafi runs the HW Fisher cricket team and enjoys playing football and going to the gym regularly.


Rafi Saville

Rafi Saville


T +44 (0)20 7874 7967

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