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Capital allowances: a guide for authors

Created: 02nd January 2019

Capital allowances let you claim tax relief on capital expenditure. Relief is available on items such as computers, office furniture and equipment, reference library, vehicles and other physical assets you may use in your professional activities.They represent HMRC’s version of depreciation, which cannot be claimed in any other way.

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Author expenses – a checklist

Created: 17th December 2018

It’s important to know what expenses you can claim as an author; it may be more than you think, especially if you use your home as your office. The below is not an exhaustive list, but highlights areas where you may be able to make a claim.

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Authors’ tax trap – incorporations that go wrong

Created: 11th December 2018

Our Authors & Journalists team advises writers on whether they would benefit by operating through a limited company. Care is needed as there can be complications and circumstances vary from one author to another.

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Autumn Budget 2018

Created: 31st October 2018

Chancellor Philip Hammond has delivered his second Autumn Budget, exactly five months before Britain is due to leave the European Union.

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Musicians tax guide 2018/19

Created: 09th July 2018

This guide is intended to give you a handy overview of the key tax issues for musicians, the main steps you need to take to keep your tax affairs in order and where we can help with expert advice.

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