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Blended families and Inheritance Tax – the issues

Created: 10th March 2017

Thousands of UK households around the UK are now made up of blended families, often comprising children belonging to different partners, grown-up offspring, new babies, aunties, uncles and multiple sets of grandparents.

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Spring Budget 2017

Created: 09th March 2017

Following the UK’s historic vote to leave the EU, and with Prime Minister Theresa May poised to trigger Article 50, Chancellor Philip Hammond presented the Spring Budget against a backdrop of economic uncertainty.

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The ‘Internet of Things’ – what does your fridge know about you?

Created: 02nd March 2017

You’re on your way home, and you get a text from your fridge. It has checked its stock and knows what food and drink items you’re short of, so it has networked with your local supermarket. Your shopping will be ready for collection by the time you get there.

Unsurprisingly, the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) is becoming widely talked about; it has the potential to alter the way we live and work in thousands of ways as yet undreamt of, leading some commentators to talk of change as profound as those we experienced at the dawn of the internet age itself.

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