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I’m a school leaver

If you are an ambitious and motivated individual who would like an alternative to university life, we are offering a 30 month Apprenticeship to study for both the AAT Level 3 and Level 4 qualifications. This is for school leavers who have achieved good GCSEs and A-Levels and want to get their foot in the door and start a career in Accountancy.

This position will be based in our London Office in either the Audit or Charities department. We will offer you full training and support as well as the opportunity to assist with work on a range of clients.

Following a successful two and a half years with us, you may then have the opportunity to study for your ACA qualification in order to become a Chartered Accountant.

If you would like to apply for this, please send your CV through to Frankie Rubie at:

We also offer one year placements, please apply now.

I never realistically saw university as a choice I wanted to take. I always found the idea of owing so much money quite daunting.  I felt like I could gain much more experience going into an apprenticeship than I ever would have at university. I also wanted to start earning money straight away. HW Fisher provided this perfect opportunity. I am learning every day, gaining relevant qualifications and earning a generous salary whilst I do so. Everyone has been so kind and welcoming; it has been a wonderful experience.

- Phillip Bennett | AAT Apprentice