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Many charities must plan and adapt to survive

Between the questions over fundraising practices and the exposure of Kids Company’s financial problems, the third sector has made its presence felt in the press over the past six months. It has led those of us working in the sector to consider what can be done to maintain the good name of charitable organisations and ensure the longevity of their good work.

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HW Fisher & Company is a commercially astute firm of London chartered accountants providing financial and strategic business services to entrepreneurial small and medium-sized enterprises, large corporates and high-net worth individuals.

We are ranked as a UK top 30 chartered London accountancy firm with a broad range of services including; audit; corporate taxation; private client services; business turnaround and recovery; royalty auditing and licensing; business sustainability; strategic planning and inward investment.

Our London-based offices service clients regionally, nationally and overseas.

At HW Fisher, our chartered accountancy services are tailored to each individual client, ensuring premium service delivery, value for money, quality and consistency.

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