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Strategic planning

HW Fisher & Company acts as a strategic planning consultancy for companies of all sizes and from all sectors. Broadly, we help you answer the following questions:

  • Where are we now?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How do we get there?

An effective strategic plan is more than an outline of your intentions for the next few years: it can be the difference between okay performance and dramatic progress.

A business plan and a strategic plan are two very different things. The former is usually intended to raise funds, either to launch a new business or expand an existing one. It usually goes into considerable detail over matters such as costs, revenues and cash flows.

A strategic plan, on the other hand, deals with broad issues, asking and answering the questions that will help shape your organisation’s future.

Here at HW Fisher & Company, our approach to strategic planning is deeply pragmatic. We don’t like elaborate theorising that is detached from daily realities. Instead, we help create strategic plans that are precise, justifiable and, above all, practical.

We work closely with our clients at each stage, from the development of the plan through to its actual implementation.

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Key Contact

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