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Y-Gen – A case study about managing closure

Charities are run by individuals who are deeply passionate about their work.  With such emotional involvement, making tough business decisions can be hard to do. And there is no harder decision than how to close down the charity- but sometimes there is no alternative. But what is the best way to manage this difficult process?

The perfect storm of challenges for SMEs

It’s no secret that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have been somewhat on the back foot since 2008, and while some battled and failed, some weathered the economic storm and managed to see light at the end of the tunnel. Although their search for greater stability and development continues, this is often being hampered by balance sheets that bore the brunt of the challenging climate.

Future plans for tax; morality, legality and the reality

Tax is rarely off the front pages these days. Either a celebrity  is allegedly exploiting loopholes to minimise liabilities or some big corporation is apparently failing to pay its “fair share” of tax. It boils down, often in the court of public opinion, to what is legal  or not and what is morally defensible.

London Chartered Accountants

HW Fisher & Company is a commercially astute firm of London chartered accountants providing financial and strategic business services to entrepreneurial small and medium-sized enterprises, large corporates and high-net worth individuals.

We are ranked as a UK top 30 chartered London accountancy firm with a broad range of services including; audit; corporate taxation; private client services; business turnaround and recovery; royalty auditing and licensing; business sustainability; strategic planning and inward investment.

Our London-based offices service clients regionally, nationally and overseas.

At HW Fisher, our chartered accountancy services are tailored to each individual client, ensuring premium service delivery, value for money, quality and consistency.

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